Sunday, January 01, 2006


Reading has always been one of my passions. However, I have some kind of a OCD, and when I persue one hobby or creative outlet, I drop all the others. Over the past year, I've been trying to incorporate reading back into my life. It doesn't work all the time, but I'm much better about spending some time each day with a book. I've started carrying a book with me much of the time, so when I'm waiting to pick up my grandson at school, or in a theater before the movie starts, I can read a bit. When life is rough for me, as it has been the last several months, I choose light, non-challenging reading. Things like cozy mysteries, young adult books, etc., to keep my mind occupied. When life calms down and I can spend larger blocks of quiet time I tend to gravitate towards books with a bit more substance.

This blog, in it's third reincarnation is an attempt to keep track of books I've read, with some reviews, as well as list books that have caught my interest for one reason or another.

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